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Dublin Language Services

A bit of history

Dublin Language Services began several years ago doing cultural and sports exchanges between young Irish and Basque people. Soon after, we began to organize summer courses in the area of Dun Laoghaire and given the good experience we have been expanding our offer with different programs for different ages and according to the demand that was emerging.


We are located in Dun Laoghaire, a picturesque coastal town 12 km from Dublin city centre, where Dubliners and tourist come attracted. by the variety of attractions and activities. Its proximity to Dublin and the security and tranquility of the area, makes our lcation ideal for the stay of young people.


The quality of the host families and the small size of our groups are the key to the success of our programs. All families are located in the same area, near the school. They are carefully selected, and we visit them periodically to guarantee the best stay for our students.

The team

DLS is formed by Olga Zorroza, who is settled in Dublin for the last 20 years and Catalina Unceta who also has lived in Ireland and several years in London. This experience has allowed us to acquire a deep knowledge about the language learning sector abroad and about all to understand the importance of words like tranquility and security when you are a student abroad. We also have in our team a group of native monitors who help with the activities we organize to raise awareness of Irish culture.

What do we do best?

We listen, we understand, we adapt.



From Dublin Language Serviceswe know that communication is an essential part of our work. That is why offer you a multitude of channels so you can communicate with us at any time from any device. Phone, whatsapp, email,… You choose the means!



Do not like the dates? Do you need more or less weeks? Do you want to combine study and work? Do you travel alone, in a group or do you look for a family plan? From Dublin Language Services we do our best to adapt to your needs. You speak, we listen.



Although Dublín is an extremely quiet city, it is always good to be in one of the best areas. The exclusive Dun Laoghaire, within 20 minutes from the city centre, ensures a safe and peaceful environment, while its wonderful harbour and atractions offer a wide range of leisure options.

Equally, our locations in Spain have been carefully selected to ensure the best environment.



Our premise of doing things well and our exclusive process of host families’ selection, guarantees your peace of mind and satisfaction.

Do you want to know more?

Adult and 100% bilingual professionals.

At Dublin Language Services we are 100% transparent. You can see our guide price in each of our services. Logically, the final price will depend on the dates and if you want us to manage flights or not. Contact us to have a closed budget. Avoid unpleasant surprises, contract with us.

At Dublin Language Services we have a network and established structures and a constant client volume that allows us to cut costs and transfer these saving to our clients.

In one word: All. Our academies and collaborating schools offer from beginner to the most advanced levels.

All our students obtain a certificate of achievement of the course in which they are enrolled.

Tell us your needs. We look for dates and proccess your registration in official exams: Cambridge, IELTS, Trinity, TOEFL or the official certificate in Spanish (DELE).

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